The bottom line is clear: Our vital interests in Afghanistan are limited and military victory is not the key to achieving them. On the contrary, waging a lengthy counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan may well do more to aid Taliban recruiting than to dismantle the group, help spread conflict further into Pakistan, unify radical groups that might otherwise be quarreling amongst themselves, threaten the long-term health of the U.S. economy, and prevent the U.S. government from turning its full attention to other pressing problems. -- Afghanistan Study Group

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

War News for Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Court-martial of Navy SEAL opens in Iraq:

US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan sent to Iraq for medical care:

Wider Recount of Iraq Ballots Is Requested by Vote Leader:

U.S. denies CIA kidnapped Pakistani ex-agent:

Kidnapped ex-ISI official’s wife accuses CIA of ‘picking up’ her husband:

Kentucky soldier found dead in Afghanistan:

India won’t scale down activities in Afghanistan: Krishna

Reported security incidents

#1: Four persons were wounded on Tuesday in a bomb explosion in south of Baghdad, a security source said. “An improvised explosive device went off on Tuesday (April 20) near al-Rashied market in south of Baghdad, targeting a police vehicle patrol, injuring two policemen and two civilians,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

#2: Police forces found on Wednesday two unknown bodies in Baghdad, a police source said. “The first corpse was found on the raod in al-Aalam neighborhood in southwestern Baghdad, while the second one was found in Jakouk neighborhood, northwestern Baghdad,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

#3: Two separate roadside bombs wounded five people, including two policemen, in eastern Baghdad, police said.

#4: A roadside bomb went off near a police patrol and wounded a policeman in Baghdad's southern district of Doura, police said.

Diyala Prv:
#1: A car bomb went off on Wednesday in central Baaquba, leaving unspecified number of casualties, according to a security source. “A car rigged with explosives went off in Khresan street in central Baaquba on Wednesday (April 21), leaving unspecified number of casualties,” the source, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

A parked car bomb targeted a restaurant popular with security personnel in Baquba, 60 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad killing three people, including a female teacher, a school boy and a security guard from a nearby primary school, police said. Seven others were wounded in the blast, including five bodyguards of the governor of Diyala province.

#2: Four policemen were wounded on Wednesday in an improvised explosive device explosion in southeast of Baaquba, a security source said. “An explosive device exploded this morning on the main street in Baladruz, southeast of Baaquba, targeting a police vehicle patrol, injuring four policemen, some of them in serious condition,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

#1: An Iraqi military vehicle was destroyed on Tuesday in a roadside bomb blast, a police source said. “The bomb exploded on the road in al-Faresi region in al-Musayyab district, north of Hilla, destroying a Hummar belongs to the 8th division of the Iraqi army,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

Two servicemen were killed in a bomb explosion in northern Babel, a police source said. “An explosive charge went off in al-Muaalameen neighborhood in al-Musayyab district, north of Hilla, killing two servicemen, including a lieutenant,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

Wassit Prv:
#1: An improvised explosive device went off on Tuesday targeting a U.S. convoy in Wassit, without causing damage, a media advisor of the U.S. army said. “A U.S. convoy was attacked on Tuesday by an explosive device, without causing damage,” Nader Soliaman told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.An eyewitness said a U.S. vehicle was damaged in the explosion.

Sulaimaniya Prv:
#1: An Iranian citizen, suspected of being a smuggler, was wounded and four mules killed during an artillery bombardment by the Iranian military of a remote mountain area in Iraq's northern Kurdish province of Sulaimaniya, border guards said.

#1: An Iraqi soldier was wounded on Tuesday in clashes with gunmen in southeastern Mosul, a police source said. “Clashes flared up this afternoon between gunmen and an army force at a checkpoint in Yarmaja region in southeastern Mosul, where a soldier was wounded,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

Afghanistan: "The Forgotten War"
#1: Four German soldiers were injured in an armored vehicle crash in Afghanistan on Tuesday, confirmed by Germany's military command center.The "Eagle IV" armored vehicle crashed on Tuesday morning in German time, about 30 kilometers west of Fayzabad, in the north part of the country, said by a spokesman at Germany's military command center in Potsdam.The vehicle was on its return journey from Kunduz to Fayzabad, after a regional reconstruction project.

#2: A blast hit a convoy of Pakistani security forces on Tuesday in the country's northwestern tribal area, killing four people and injuring 11 others, local sources said. Three security personnel and one civilian was killed and 11 others injured in the roadside bomb blast which occurred near Thal- Parachinar road closed to the border with Afghanistan.Local journalist Yousaf Haroon told Xinhua that the incident took place when security forces convoy moving from Thal area of Hangu to Kurram.

#3: At least three volunteers of peace committee were killed in a clash with militants in lower Orakzai tribal region in northwest Pakistan, official sources said Wednesday. Local official sources told Xinhua that the incident occurred in Khostorikhel area of lower Orakzai. Locals have established a peace armed group Lashkar to wipe militants out of the area.

#4: Two Afghan police officers were killed and another sustained injuries as a result of mine explosion in south of Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday, Interior Ministry said Wednesday.
"Two officers with Afghan National Police (ANP) were killed and another sustained injuries as a result of mine explosion in Qalai Abdul Rauf of Musahi district in Kabul on Tuesday," the statement said.

DoD: Sgt. Randolph A. Sigley


Cervantes said...

This is weird and sick. I don't think "prank" is the right word for it:

The late-night phone calls were wrenching for the Vermont families of soldiers serving in Afghanistan -- a stranger expressing sympathy for a son or daughter who had been injured or killed in Afghanistan. Someone has been making prank phone calls to family members of Vermont National Guards falsely stating that a family member had been injured or killed overseas.

But the tormenting calls were ghoulish hoaxes and state attorney general is looking for whoever is behind them.

1scorpion said...

This isn't the first time this has happened. I rememeber a report or two when my Son was in Iraq. It's is simply disgusting

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